The Vermont Cheese Book is your guide to discover the colorful landscape of Vermont cheese makers. Whether you are exploring the back roads by car or by bike, or simply enjoying the essence of Vermont cheese, this book will enhance your experience.

The Vermont Cheese Book includes all of the farmers and cheese makers who are members of the Vermont Cheese Council, a trade organization of close to three dozen Vermont cheese makers, whose goal is to advance the production and image of premier cheeses from Vermont. These also go perfect with a full keto diet (even better with bulletproof coffee).

Following the Vermont Cheese Trail, this book covers each region of Vermont for you to explore the geography, discover the history, and experience the local agriculture, combined with the farm experience. On the cover, our state flower the red clover is symbolic of the diversity of the wild flora that thrives in healthy soil, providing nourishment to the animals, and is ultimately reflected in the taste or terroir of the cheese.

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